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Product :: 3+ SE Preamp Foot Controller

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The 3+ Preamp Foot Controller gives you mutually exclusive (random access) to all 3 Preamp channels in a rugged powder coated steel chassis. The footswitch connects to the Preamp  via a 25ft 5 pin XLR connector. LEDs indicate Channel/EQ status.

Features Include

  • The CAE 3+ Tube Preamp Footcontroller is back in stock for immediate delivery.
  • This Footswitch provides remote mutually exclusive selection of the 3+ Preamp's 3 channels.
  • A footswitch for selection of the master EQ section is provided as well.
  • This rugged Foot controller is housed in a black powder coated
  • Steel chassis and comes complete with a 25ft. xlr cable.
  • Available direct from CAE.

Price: $249.00

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