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Product :: 3+ SE Guitar Preamp

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Features Include

  • 3 Totally Independent Channels
    The channels are voiced Clean, Crunch and Lead with separate Bass, Midrange, Treble, Bright Switches, Gain and Master Volumes for each channel
  • PLUS!
    A separate Master footswitchable active tube EQ stage capable of providing 17db boost or cut of deep bass and presence with a level trim!
  • Channel #1
    The Clean channel is extremely warm and punchy with tons of tight low end, smooth midrange and silky highs.
  • Channel #2
    The Crunch channel in itself is capable of a high gain solo sound and can also clean up to a classic slightly overdriven clean sound by rolling off the guitar volume or turning down its gain control while still retaining its warm, round tone.
  • Channel #3
    The Lead channel, the highest gain channel, is not only able to clean up as well as Channel 2, but is also able to provide a rich, fat, searing overdrive with a quick attack while maintaining sensitivity to picking technique.
  • Switching logic that interfaces to all popular switching controllers or to the optional footswitch.
  • Low-impedance outputs with high-drive capability that will drive all power amps.
  • World wide voltage compatibility utilizing standard or European fusing.
  • All holes are plated through the PC board to give the strength and reliability of point to point wiring.
  • 1% metal film resistors, a toroid transformer and fully regulated DC tube heaters are used for the lowest noise and longest tube life.

Price: $1,725.00

Download Manual Download Manual (407.1 KB)

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