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Toss Panos ….drummer extrordinaire

What?? a new blog from a “guitar guy” and I’m talking about drummers? Damn straight.
Because if you don’t know, you need to know….now. Think I’m kidding? Just ask Robben Ford. Or Larry Carlton. How about Steve Vai or Mike Keneally or Andy Summers? They have all used Anastasios “Toss” Panos. Hell, he was the engine room behind the Michael Landau Trio for years. With a big greasy groove, and a deep ass pocket, Toss fucking kicks ass. He is one of the few drummers that if he is forced to take a solo, I’llĀ  stick around for it. Its a song within the song.

Check him out here

If you weren’t convinced, check out a Toss Panos speciality: the blues shuffle.

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