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Product :: CAE Amp Selector

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Due to popular demand, CAE Amp Selectors are back in limited production quantities. As part of the Custom Series, this is the popular "Version 1" style, which allows selection of up to 4 Tube amplifiers, and connects the amps to a common load speaker cabinet. Unused amps are protected, and of course, only one amp is allowed active at a time. Line Level output (rear panel) is also available (with Level Control) to allow for a "wet/dry" effects setup. A rear panel tuner output is also provided, and is active even when no amps are selected. All amp sends are transformer isolated to prevent ground loop hum. This unit is midi controlled (via Program Change Commands) and comes with a dedicated 4 switch Midi Foot Controller, and 20ft 4 pin xlr connection cable! As a bonus, the amp selector (via the footswitch) outputs the same program change commands to control effects processors, if necessary. This is unit is part of the Custom Series, and is hand built to order by Bob Bradshaw, and is available direct from CAE only!

Features Include

  • Safely and silently switch up to 4 amplifiers into the same cabinet or load device!
  • Unique priority circuit only allows 1 amp on at a time!
  • Protection circuitry safely guards unselected amps.
  • Front panel LED's indicate status of each amp.
  • Super low noise buffer circuit provides impedance matching and drives isolation transformers used to eliminate ground loop hum.
  • Remote controlled via midi program changes from the included footswitch.
  • Remote power supply for lowest noise.
  • 2 auxiliary line outputs. Useful for driving effects and external power amps with the selected amp.
  • Sonically transparent passive switching elements provide unsurpassed clarity while uniquely switching up to four amplifiers (one at a time) into a common speaker system or load device.
  • Easily allows for the popular system configuration of a center dry cabinet with stereo effects cabinets (a stereo power amp and effects would be required). See diagram.
  • Provides a line out signal for the selected amp regardless type. No need to modify amps for line outs and effects loops. Even non-master volume amps work fine!!
  • Eliminates the need for multiple speaker cabinets and/or load devices when using multiple amps.

Price: $1,495.00

Download Manual Download Manual (138.5 KB)

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