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Product :: OD-100 Standard+ Head

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The new and improved version of the original OD-100 that was introduced in the early-90's, the OD-100 Standard+ is the flagship of the OD-100 family of amps with amazingly huge sound and unmatched versatility from a 2CH/2EQ class of amplifiers. Channel 1 is like a great 60's Blackface – warm, sparkling and sweet on the high end, punchy on the bottom with superb definition. Channel 2 is like the best and the biggest sounding hot-rodded British overdrive and distortion tones you've ever heard. The boosted mode of CH2 is like an additional channel and the level of boost can be adjusted with the internal trim pot. Silky smooth yet with a cutting character in the high-mids and the highs to get you heard over a dense mix, the OD-100's distortion never sounds muddy or undefined. OD-100 Standard+'s overdrive and high-gain distortion characteristics can be described as "open" with a big but unobtrusive bottom end, clear and punchy midrange, and sweet singing highs. Fast in its transient attack but not hard around the edges, it faithfully articulates all the nuances of your playing style with character and musicality.

The OD-100 Standard+ now comes with the Depth and Power Amp Presence controls on the back panel. The Depth knob is essentially a low-end boost control for the power section of the OD-100 Standard+. It will provide more bottom end while retaining overall clarity. The front panel's Presence has been changed to Brilliance and it affects Channel 2 only. The Presence knob on the back panel controls the high-end response of both channels in the power amp section, easily allowing you to adjust the brightness of the amp to the surroundings of the room you are playing in without changing the EQ of the amp on the front panel.

One overlooked aspect of the OD-100 family of amps is that Channel 1 has a wide range of overdrive sounds as well, not just the clean. Engaging the manual boost switch and turning up the gain knob will produce warm and throaty overdrive sounds that are ideal for various shades of blues, jazzy fusion, and classic rock. It loves overdrive and boost pedals of all sorts and is very sensitive to changes on the volume knob of your guitar and your picking attack. This allows you to control a very wide dynamic range from squeaky clean to bluesy crunch with just a small tweak on the guitar's volume pot and your picking hand touch. How an amp responds and feels is as important to experienced players as the tone coming out of the speakers. Besides the incredible sounds of the OD-100 that are on countless hit records, it's the feel and the unparalleled touch-sensitve response of the OD-100 that makes it one of the most revered amps of all time.

Price: $2,995.00

Download Manual Download Manual (1.1 MB)

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