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Product :: Dual/Stereo Mini Mixer

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Brought to you by Robert Bradshaw of Custom Audio Electronics, the company that pioneered effects mixing in Guitar Systems, the CAE Dual/Stereo Mini Mixer was designed specifically for use wherever low impedance audio signal summing is required. Straightforward, with no confusing and unnecessary controls, it's unity gain design requires effects that have output level adjustment in order to maintain proper effect/direct balance. This is standard in most popular effects today. The Dual/Stereo Mini Mixer can also be used to mix amp/preamp combinations for greater tonal flexibility while eliminating long series chains.

Why you need a Custom Audio Electronics Dual/Stereo Mini Mixer
Line Mixers provide 2 primary functions in guitar effects systems:

  1. Depending on system configuration, stereo line mixers allow multiple 1 in, 2 out effects processors to be used effectively in stereo.
  2. Line mixers can provide a clean, shorter signal path when using many effects devices. Also, it is not necessary to rely on each effect device for the direct unprocessed sound. This allows better control over system operating levels, thus increasing dynamic range while keeping noise to a minimum.
The Custom Audio Electronics Dual/Stereo Mini Mixer is an important tool for any guitar system utilizing multiple tone sources and/or stereo effects processors.

Features Include

  • 6 stereo channels configured as 2 independent 3 channel stereo line mixers.
  • Stereo output level controls for each mixer.
  • Unity gain mix busses, no input level or pan controls.
  • Transparent, high quality audio summing circuits with low noise & wide dynamic range.
  • Multiple outputs for easy patch configurations.
  • Allows series/parallel effects routing.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • No unprocessed signal dropouts or glitches when patch changing effects processors.
  • Smooth overlapping of effects from one preset combination to another can be achieved depending on signal routing and switching system used.

Price: $399.00

Download Technical Specs Download Technical Specs (17.6 KB)

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